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    • 產品名稱:BAUDE電纜

    • 產品型號:Semoflex? Drum reeling cables
    • 產品廠商:BAUDE
    • 產品價格:10000
    • 折扣價格:10000
    • 產品文檔:
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    BAUDE電纜 Semoflex? Drum cable 通過采用新型材料,BAUDE電纜SEMOFLEX? DRUM CABLE減少了重量和外徑。BAUDE電纜能夠在極其惡劣的工作環境下,得到更多的工作壽命。

    德國BAUDE電纜 Reeling cables
    SEMOFLEX® Drum reeling cables

    德國BAUDE電纜 Semoflex® Drum cable has been developed for use in case of extreme conditions. By using new materials we obtained a considerable reduction in weight and outer diameter of the cable as well as a longer service life than with the common reeling cables.

    The cables are suitable in dry and damp rooms, explosive areas and also outside for heavy-duty units such as hoisting gears, transportation systems, motorized cable reels, rail traction motors and agriculture machinery at high mechanical stresses.

    Cable support grips
    Cable support grips - the safest and quickest device for hanging cables. Owing to the flexible braid design the holding force is spread over a long length or cable. The concentration or the tension force at a specific point, as with conventional clamps is eliminated with the cable support grips.

    Cable support grips are excellent problem solvers for suspending cables vertically or horizontally from poles, aerial installations, cranes and elevators, industrial machine systems and others. They should not used for pulling cables.